Her fridge is dead... She decides to retrieve one of the grids! I never thought she would use it that way!

But how could she possibly have this idea?

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Her fridge is dead... She decides to retrieve one of the grids! I never thought she would use it that way!

More and more people are using their imagination to find ways to recover objects. This is what all these people have done to organize, store, either their jewelry at home, or jewelry in small shops!

You make jewelry? Stand out with your displays! This is a great way to attract the attention of future customers to your store!

So before you get rid of anything at home, ask yourself what you could do with this object! Little by little, you will develop your imagination and become a DIY-recovery pro!

Here are 17 great ideas for storing jewelry while recovering!

1) Two hooks screwed to the wall and some chain!

Photo source:mynamenecklace.com

2) We can hardly recognize the grid of the fridge once it is fixed to the wall!


3) Any board, jute, raw rope, nice handles!


4) An old commercial tray for jewelry hanging on the wall! That's wonderful!!


5) Storage boxes for utensils to put in the drawers! Boxes for utensils!


6) Simple cork panels! Super efficient!


7) Just some wire!


8) A beautiful collection of old bottles! What a great idea!


9) Collect old drawers, add nice handles, you will be able to tinker with a superb jewelry holder in no time!


10) An original way to display jewelry sets! Great for a small shop!


11) Wooooow ..... An old ladder and mosquito net ...


12) Old frames and hooks, as simple as that!


13) With an old branch dried and painted all in white!


14) An old window ... Among my favorites!


15) For the sporty person you are !!


16) Great! A bamboo curtain!


17) WOW! A painted frame of a beautiful color and branches of wood ... so simple, natural, beautiful!