Here are 10 great ideas to modernize and change the look of your home!

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If you live in an old house and want to renovate it, there are many solutions and ideas to modernize it.

Here are 10 great renovation ideas that change lives.


Sometimes you need an extra room but moving is not an option. If you have a two-story foyer, you can always add a room above the entrance like in the photos below.


To increase the size of your baseboard and make it more beautiful, you can extend it this way.


It is not always easy to make sure that the space below the sink is always clean. There are always stains and leaks that make this space dirty.

One solution would be to put tiles under your sink like in the photo right here.


It is always practical to have drawers under your sink. In this way, you can store all your cleaning products, it is so much easier to access the items you need.


No need to call a craftsman to transform the doors of your wardrobe. With this awesomeDIY project, you can transform your wardrobe and give it a new look.

Dress them up by adding wood trim, paint and attractive hardware.


There is never enough storage in a kitchen. The solution to this is for example to add a spice cabinet next to the refrigerator.

It is so much easier to access the ingredients you need !

This can also be used to store cleaning products.


There is nothing more beautiful in a house than hardwood floors. And why not install hardwood floors in your bathroom?

These floors are actually ceramic that looks like wood. It's really beautiful !


It is always difficult to install electric outlets and it is not really aesthetic.

Why not install a pop up electric outlet ?

In this way, it is prettier and there is no risk of electrocution.


Storing dishes always takes a lot of space. These fine drawers may be the solution ?


Want to charge your phone in the dark but you never find the electric outlet ? Built-in lights are what you need !