Here are 11 original projects made from wood pallets

Ideas for the house and the garden!

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Published 5 years ago
Here are 11 original projects made from wood pallets

Do you like anything that can be made with wood pallets and are looking for new ideas for new projects?

Today, we have 11 original ideas for projects created with wood pallets.

If you buy old wood pallets, do not forget this very important precaution:


Remember that MB treated pallets are not recommended for use in the home. Use them instead to make outdoor furniture. In the house we recommend HT treated pallets. The treated pallets have a very visible inscription on the wood. Also, it is strictly forbidden to take wood pallets that are sometimes seen on the edge of the street near companies/warehouses. These wood pallets are left there to be picked up by a transport company to be reused. Taking them is considered theft.

Where to find them:

You can find wood pallets on used items for sale sites on the net for less than $5 to $10 each.

11 original ideas made of wood recovered from old recycled pallets!

1) Cut a part of a pallet to make a wall mount for bottles and wine glasses

2) Make a bar for the basement or garden depending on how the pallet has been treated (see the warning above)

3) Do you need a corner for gardening? This improvised furniture is calledPotting Bench!

4) Need a crate to make compost or a planter? Pallets are perfect for this kind of project!

5) Or to make garden furniture!

6) Get the wood pallet treated in the right way (see the warning above) to make a nice playhouse for children.

7) Collect boards to make a beautiful bench!

8) This coffee table is charming, is it not it?

9) The wood is perfect to make a doghouse for smaller dogs!

10) This illuminated bed frame is impressive!

11) Building a wall will not cost you much to decorate the house! You can stain it later!