Here are 12 amazing ways to use dryer sheets.

It's crazy all you can do with it!

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12 surprising uses!

Did you know that you could use dryer sheets for many different things?

While dryer sheets were made for making our clothes less static and smelling fresh out of the dryer, these marvels have a wide range of other surprising uses.

Come discover the 12 uses you can do with dryer sheets.

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First use

Apparently dryer sheets would be great for wiping stains and fingerprints on stainless steel surfaces. Keep a dryer sheet handy on the most used spots, such as the refrigerator door handle and other appliances.

Second use

You can also use dryer sheets to wipe dead bugs from your windshield. Dryer sheets are perfect to remove bugs from your car without scratching the surface.

Third use

Absorbent in nature, dryer sheets are useful when cleaning up spills in the kitchen. The sheets even easily absorb flour and cornstarch, making cleaning them up quick and easy. Just apply a little water and clean up the mess!

Fourth use

Apparently dryer sheets are perfect for cleaning more stubborn stains, such as toilet bowl rings.

Fifth use

Soak a dryer sheet overnight in water in a greasy pot or pan. The chemicals in the dryer sheet help the grease loosen up, making it easier to remove. Then, rinse well.

Sixth use

While a dryer sheet can make your clothing smell fresh, placing a dryer sheet in a suitcase or drawer can also pass on this refreshing scent to your clothes.

You can even place a dryer sheet in your gym bag to keep your sweaty clothing from stinking too much before you wash it.

Seventh use

Dryer sheets work well when used to polish handles and other hardware in your home. You can even use dryer sheets on your bathroom handles and faucets to make them shine.

Eighth use

Run a dryer sheet over your sewing thread before use to keep it from getting knotted up. The dryer sheet removes the static, meaning it’s less likely to tangle and become knotted up.

Ninth use

Use a dryer sheet to remove deodorant stains on your clothes. Make sure to make a small ball with the the dryer sheet and rub it on the affected areas to remove the stains.

Tenth use

Some people place a dryer sheet on a fan to add a nice smell to a room; especially a room with animals.

Eleventh use

The absorbent power of a dryer sheet also make them useful for dusting your blinds. Just run the sheet gently over your blinds to remove any dust.

Twelfth use

Clean your baseboard more easily by using a dryer sheet. You can also attach the dryer sheet to the end of a stiff-bristled broom.

The best part about using dryer sheets for simple cleaning tasks is that, most often, used dryer sheets work just as well as new ones!

The next time you need to clean something, take a dryer sheet !