Here are 12 brilliant ways to use cube storage shelves everywhere in the house!

Storage ideas that will amaze you!

Tips and Crafts

These cube storage shelves are not so expensive and you will find in this gallery beautiful ideas to inspire you!

Whether to furnish a room or a workshop, these shelves are much more useful than you would have imagined!

Here are 12 great ideas to make with these simple shelves

We find these cube storage shelves in different sizes, colors and prices at Ikea!

Open shelf storage cabinets!

Instagram / mk_maison

No need to hire a great Designer to have a walk-In like a Top Model! You just need imagination and cube storage shelves and you can create it!

Perfect bedside tables!

Pinterest / Amelia Ferrell Knisley

Even more practical than a bedside table with 2 drawers, you can add 2 baskets, and have 2 more boxes to store your favorite bedside books and add photos and candles!

For the DIY workshop!

The dream of all handymen! A perfectly tidy workshop! Simple and ultra effective and cheap!

Furnish the guest room for a small price

The guest room doesn't have to cost a fortune! Some travel souvenirs and baskets in a cube storage shelf painted in the colors of the sea and the decoration will be perfect, and for a small budget!

A scrapbooking room very well organized!

Instagram / hautepinkfluff

These shelves are perfect to get a very long counter in a sewing or scrapbooking room! Have fun with the sizes, colors and cube storage shelves!

Organize the handbags!

Are you a handbags lover? Shoes lover? Organize the Walk-In by saving money on furniture! And .... you can have another pair of shoes and a handbag!

For a tidy playroom

Pinterest / Kristen Howard

Create a beautiful bench in the playroom while having a perfect place to store small toys!

A whole wall of memories!

Perfect for a baby room !! Display beautiful memories, children's books, and when the child grows up, the cube storage shelves can be used for the DIY workshop, reading nook, or furnish the room!

A Super Market, just for fun!

Do you have a cube storage shelf you don't use? Get it to make a Super market to children! With PVC pipes and fabric, you can entertain the children by making what we have all dreamed when we were children !!! A super market!!! Get boxes of pasta, cans, and all you can to fill the market!

A perfect audio-video cabinet!

Children have their own little space in the basement? A cube storage shelf is perfect to make an audio-video cabinet!

Divide a room in two

This mom has two girls who share the same room and they wanted more privacy! So she created a wall to divide the room in half! A GENIUS idea! And each side of the cube storage shelf is decorated!

A reading nook in the playroom

Pinterest / Rebecca Adams

Encourage children to read by making a small reading nook in the playroom! You do not believe in it? Try it! You will see how children will enjoy reading in this quiet place!