Here are 12 common insect bites and how to recognize them

It can save lives!

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Here are 12 common insect bites and how to recognize them

You have been bitten or stung, but you do not know what it was? What you may have is not just a mosquito bite.

If you can recognize the different insect bites, you will be able to react better.

1. Ticks

Tick bites can be very dangerous because they can transmit Lyme disease.

You will recognize a tick bite because it looks like a "target".

If the tick is still in your skin, you must remove it quickly.

2. Mosquitoes

Here is what a mosquito bite looks like.

If you scratch it, it can get worse or even get infected.

People who are allergic may develop a reaction that looks like another kind of bite and can cause severe reactions that require antibiotic treatment.

3. Wasps

The wasp bites are very painful.

You will easily see where the sting has penetrated your skin.

4. Bees

If a bee stings you, it will die, because it leaves its abdomen and its digestive system.

If a bee stings you, it's because the bee feels threatened.

Remove the stinger from your body immediately to prevent the poison from entering your bloodstream.

5. Hornets

You may not see the difference between a hornet and a wasp, but you will if you get bitten by one.

The hornet bites contain a poison that will make the area swollen and red. You could even see blisters forming.

If your skin becomes blue or you no longer feel the affected area, see a doctor immediately.

6. Fleas

Fleas will mostly bite your legs.

They will bite you several times, so it will be easy to know if you have been bitten by them or anything else.

7. Red ants

These ants can cause severe allergic reactions.

Their bites are also painful.

8. Lice

You usually find them on the head, but lice can also appear on other hairy parts of the body.

This is what lice bites look like.

9. Horse-fly

You'll know soon enough if you get stung by a horsefly!

They leave a large mark that causes swelling, and sometimes blisters.

You may feel dizzy afterwards and sometimes develop an infection.

If you ever get bitten by a horse-fly, clean the area and apply an ice pack to soothe the area.

10. Bed bugs

Bedbug bites are often zigzag-shaped.

They are hard to see and you will have trouble getting rid of them.

11. Deer flies

If you get bitten by one of them, you'll know it right away!

Be careful ! They can transmit several diseases. If you develop a fever or a headache after, see a doctor immediately.

12. Brown Recluse spider

This spider is common in the United States, especially in the states of Missouri, Tennessee and Louisiana.

You feel the pain, but only a few hours after the bite.

You will need to see a doctor for treatment.