Here are 13 garden tips that are the stuff of dreams for gardeners

Discover all sorts of new gardening techniques!

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Published 5 years ago
Here are 13 garden tips that are the stuff of dreams for gardeners

-Because not everyone can still garden on their knees.

-Because all these critters can come spoil our flowers and our kitchen gardens.

-Because we sometimes have to be away for a few days and still have to irrigate our growing flowers and growing shoots.

-Because it's beautiful ... and it's that sample!

-For all these reasons ... All these ideas, one more beautiful than the others, will make all amateur gardeners and gardening experts dream. Because this very popular favorite pass-time, well, is limitless!

And discovering new ideas is always exciting!

Here are 13 ideas that will have all gardeners dreaming:

Perfect for persons with physical ailments:

Your passion is always gardening, but you can no longer get down on your knees or your back pain is too severe? Raised flower beds are becoming more and more trendy! Just need to figure out what type of wood you will build yours with. It is suggested to put a metal grid and cardboard, under the soil, to help irrigate the water.

Source:Alison Hancock Multi-level garden

An cost-effective technique:

This technique will also save on land. Large stones found in fields will fill the big wooden bins.

Source:Sergey Rybin

For uneven gardens:

For land that is not level, this could be the ideal solution!


The hanging gardens:

A hanging garden is also perfect for anyone who can not bend over. This type of garden works especially well for strawberries, raspberries and flowers, of course.


The covers (also referred to as Mulching):

These are protective covers and they are very useful for optimizing a local climate effect and preventing bad ones from growing.


The arches:

The garden arches allow you to decorate the garden, while saving on space since the plants will grow in height rather than spread on the lawn.


The trellises:

Vines will also grow wonderfully on trellises of all kinds.

Source:Alison Hancock

A wall garden:

A wall garden is not just useful, it's also very practical. While this might not seem like much but all those plants growing along these walls in planters will also serve to insulate a house against heat.


A fantastic irrigation system:

It will be necessary to design the ideal system according to your needs. You will need a horizontal beam, a garden hose, sprinklers, plumbing rings and tie wraps. All put together as in this photo.

Source:Africa Studio

Smaller irrigation system:

This much simpler method is within everyone's reach. Just make small holes in plastic bottles and push them into the ground, near the plants that you want to irrigate gradually because the plants will be watering from the roots. You will only have to fill the bottles via the bottle necks once they are empty. This technique prevents the formation of fungi and reduces the risk of diseases affecting the leaves of plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables.  

A stone wall:

A wall made of stones and a metal fence can be very useful in circumscribing a garden space that cannot be trespassed on, such as a vehicle parking lot.


Flowered fences:

Did you know that planting flowers around your crops not only smells good and is not just very pretty? It is also very effective in getting rid of unwanted insects!

Source:Jamie Hooper

A paved path:

Water, cement and a mold made specifically to create this kind of outdoor decoration will help you design a paved pathway like a pro!  

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