Here are 13 ingenious ways to reuse old drawers all over the house!

Reuse your old drawers!

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Before throwing away a broken piece of furniture, watch all these beautiful ideas.

Because we can do so many beautiful things by reusing the drawers of these old furniture!

Here are 13 great ideas to reuse old furniture's drawers, all over the house:

Pick up small drawers to make practical and pretty shelves in the kitchen.

An old compartment drawer can become very useful! Add some metal wire to hang your most beautiful earrings.

An old compartment drawer can become very useful to store your objects!

Place drawers under a bed for more storage in a child's room.

Transform old drawers of antique furniture into a wall decoration.

Add decorations in the drawers of an old rusty metal cabinet.

Make it a nice lamp!

As Succullents grow in very little soil and don't need a lot of water, just like Cactus, you can use drawers to grow them! Just add a plastic tray to the bottom of the drawer.

Add legs and a cushion and this is a perfect bed for your little dog!

Or a beautiful ottoman!

Add some wallpaper at the back and make some very original shelves!

A flat drawer will make a beautiful tray!

Super convenient to hang necklaces and storing perfume bottles