Here are 15 awesome camping tips that will make your camping even more enjoyable.

The campsite life is so much easier when you know these little tricks!

Tips and Crafts

Ready to go camping for holidays? Have you thought about everything?

Over the years, you have surely developed your own little camping tips, but you may not have thought about the ones I found and that make life easier.

These tips are all cheap or recycle something you already have at home.

Cleaning station: Turn a can into a cleaning station. Add kitchen roll and soap.

Shower: A water tank will become a portable shower if you add a shower head!

Dishes: To do the dishes, transform a storage box by installing a plughole. When you're done, you can easily drain water.

Belt: A large leather belt and hooks will allow you to hang your kitchen accessories to clear your storage and working space.

Shoe holder: With a shoe holder hooked in the kitchen you have everything on hand. These shoe holders are light and do not take space in the luggage. This is a big advantage!

Hanging storage: This kind of fabric storage can be folded and does not take space either, and can be hung with velcro strips. Shelves are absolutely perfect for things that must not be soaked on rainy days and this is a good storage space.

Solar lamp: You can have solar lamps from home and one or 2 flower pots. The stem fits into the drainage hole and stays straight. This lighting that does not need battery and is renewed every day!

Headlamp: Another solution to light is to bring a headlamp (Very handy to go pee at night!). Fix the light on a water tank, the light will illuminate the tent!

Tic Tac: To transport your spices, Tic Tac boxes are perfect. Neither too small nor too big, they contain what you will need for holidays.

Coffee pot: To keep insects and rain away from you toilet paper, place it in a coffee container. You can even leave it outdoor without risking getting wet.

Firelighter: You can take the dust from the dryer and place it into a toilet roll, it makes a great firelighter. It is light to carry and I can guarantee you can start your fire tonight!

Fireligher (2): If you soak cotton wipes with liquid wax, when they dry they become perfect firelighter!

Matches: Cut a circle into sandpaper and put it on the lid of a Mason jar. Place your matches inside, they will be protected from the rain.

Soap: Sew a washcloth around a soap bar. You will always be ready for the shower without looking for soap!

Shower hooks: Take shower hooks with you, they will allow you to quickly and easily hang a tarpaulin to have more privacy or to protect you from sun or rain.