Here are 15 beautiful projects to do with coffee filters.

All these projects are amazing!

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There are different models of coffee filters and it may be difficult to find them in your area. But, you can find all models of coffee filters on the web if you want to make projects with different coffee filters.

The porous texture is ideal to make decorative projects! They can be easily cut, glued with all types of glues and even dyed.

There are also recycled coffee filters. They have a beautiful beige color that allows us to create a lot of projects that have a very natural style.

You will find in this article projects much more sophisticated than usual. These ideas are so beautiful that you can use them to decorate your home or as a costume accessory for a play!

Source: Thoughts From Alice

Here are 15 coffee filter DIYs that are sophisticated:

1) Adding a few drops of red and yellow food coloring in water, you will be able to make beautiful orange coffee filters. Then, let them dry. And make a pretty garland!

Source: Thirty One Bits

2) You will be able to do the same thing by folding filters in half to make semicircles. Don't dye all the filters. And just dye about 1⁄4 of the coffee filters. First, in the lightest shade and then, in the other two dye shades.

Source: Style Me Pretty

3) With a hula hoop and lace, make a giant flower to make a wall decoration.

Source: Christina's Adventures

4) With cardboard and white felt, you can make angel wings by folding coffee filters that you'll stick with the hot glue gun.

Source: Thoughts From Alice

5) By dyeing filters in yellow and others in orange, you will be able to make candy corn! A good idea for Halloween!

Source: Typically Simple

6) Stick folded filters on a wreath (foam) with hot glue. Then use a paintbrush and water-based paint to color the edges of the coffee filters.

Source: Place Of My Taste

7) Attach a string of LED lights to a hardware mesh and then staple the coffee filters.

Source: Crafty Nest

8) Stick the coffee filters on a lampshade.

Source: Parlor

9) Use recycled coffee filters to make a beautiful and natural wreath

Source: Home With Cupcakes And Crinoline

10) Stick the coffee filters on styrofoam balls to make pompoms that will be used to decorate a wedding.

Source: Muslin And Merlot

11) You can dye filters in different shades of pink to celebrate a child's birthday.

Source: Avanti Morocha

12) Cut the filter edges to stick them on cones. They will make beautiful Christmas trees.

Source: I Heart Naptime

13) Make pretty bouquets of flowers!

Source: Just Bella

14) A beautiful Christmas tree!



15) Or another pretty bouquet of flowers!

Source: Reality Daydream