Here are 15 Christmas craft ideas to make with the kids

Great craft ideas to keep children happily busy until Christmas!

Tips and Crafts

December is here and the excitement associated with the prospect of celebrating Christmas is increasing day by day, especially among children. They cannot wait to see what Santa Claus brings them, play with their cousins and take a break from school or daycare!

To make them a little more patient while still maintaining the magic of the holidays, we can settle down with them to do some thematic crafts. We can then decorate the house with their creations which will fill them with pride!

And if you're working in a daycare or elementary class, you're probably looking for new things to do with your group, so here you go! You'll find everything you need here!

Here are 15 pretty and festive, easy to make Christmas themed crafts!

Have fun!

1. A paper plate Christmas tree.

By folding three disposable, green painted, paper plates, adding a trunk and some ornaments, we get a beautiful Christmas tree!


2. Modern Christmas trees

Toilet paper rolls, cut into spirals, will make original-looking Christmas trees!


3. Original greeting cards

Simple green pipe cleaners will make beautiful fir trees on your greeting cards!


4. Parchment paper Christmas trees

The small paper cups used to make cupcakes come in many colors and patterns. Children will be happy to choose their favorite combinations to make their own, original Christmas trees!


5. The classic garland remade into the shape of a Christmas tree

All kids make, at one point or another, a wreath using paper rings. By attaching it in this manner, they can create a beautiful Christmas tree to hang on a door or wall.


6. Decorated Christmas trees

Take out the paper plates once more, and again, paint them green. Cu them into cone-like shapes and decorate with pompoms!


7. Pine cone Christmas trees!

Collect fallen pine cones with the kids and bring them home to paint them green. Stick small plastic beads or M&M style candy and you'll have a mini-Christmas tree forest!

8. Popsicle sticks and buttons

Wooden Popsicle sticks are a classic for DIY projects. They can be used to create a beautiful tree!


9. A painting with hand tracings!

A fun art project that is a bitter-sweet reminder that your child is growing up all too fast.


10. A stylized Christmas tree

Give a canvas to your child and let him or her decorate it to his or her taste using buttons, glitter and more.


11. A spruce tree

The little ones will need your help to create these, but they will be very proud of the result!


12. A cute hedgehog

A little decoupage and here is a very pretty ornament for the tree!


13. Pretty reindeer

With the fingers, the palm of the hand or other stencil and paint, children can create Santa's reindeer!


14. A spiral ornament

How pretty it will be on your tree!


15. Construction paper strips

That's all it takes to create a beautiful tree!