Here are 18 incredible children's bedrooms that will be the envy of everyone, even adults!

Warning! Your tiny humans may often want you to send them to their rooms to think!

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Here are 18 incredible children's bedrooms that will be the envy of everyone, even adults!

When designing a room for a child, we want it safe, comfortable, to have convenient storage, with a good space for games and of course pretty, even magical! It's a challenge to figure out how to incorporate this many functions in just one room! Sleep, play, homework, daydreams ...

But parents do it! Here are some ideas that could inspire you if you want to redesign a bedroom for a child or teenager!

1. A house in the jungle

Even living in the city or in countryside, your kids will still feel like they're in the jungle when in their bedroom. With just some wallpaper and thematic bed sheets, they will be taken to the remotest corners of the planet!

source: boxycolonial

2. A space chamber

A solar system on the ceiling, blue and rockets everywhere. In such a setting, your little astronaut will dream to the depths of the universe!

source: hemlinginteriors

3. A fortress in the forest

A wallpaper and a fortress shaped bad will make the happiest little adventurers!

source: pellary / reddit

4. Under the sea

By painting such a mural and a little imagination to transform a bed into a shipwreck, we are pleased to welcome oceanographers, sirens and treasure hunters!

boredombase source

5. A world of dreams

A dark blue wall, a friendly bear that appears to be giving light to the awesome planet shaped lamp. Magical!

source: kexundkruemel

6. A mountainous wall

Paint, brushes, masking tape and time are all you need to create a mountain landscape on the wall. Then, simply add the accessories of your choice to the room.

source:Tjw5083 / reddit  

7. A circus

Transforming an ordinary bedroom into a circus trailer is not as difficult as you'd think!

source: bythebrooke

8. Country style

aource: abeautifulmess

9. The Harry Potter universe

You do not have to be an artist to turn an ordinary wall into a magic wall! Even a child can draw stars and planets using a template while you write the magic words on the wall.

source: dreamanddiffer

10. Alien invasion

The simple furniture leaves plenty of space for thematic wallpaper and accessories.

source: anniewise

11. A home for everyone

It's so cute and ideal to share the room between two (or more!) children

source: anotherstudio

12. For a budding scientist

These colors and this kind of arrangement are as suitable for a baby's room as for a teenager's room. An evolving room come to!

source: projectnursery

13. Another jungle

Lots of space and places to climb: the perfect room for active kids!

source: ovekidszone

14. Small room for two

By positioning the beds properly and opting for bright colors, you will create an impression of grandeur even in a small, shared bedroom.

source: semsadesign3d

15. Room for 4

With beds like these, your kids will feel like they're sharing a space shuttle. Great!

source: Mikesr20 / imgur

16. Life for three

One more in the family? No problem, we can adjust!

source: carrieslittlethings

17. A homework corner

What a nice idea this homemade student desk! It will be a sensation in the bedroom or even in the living room for more parental supervision.

source: vtwonen

18. A super loft for a teen

All his friends will want to spend days in your home!

source: jasonumd / imgur