Here are 6 good reasons to not throw away bubble wrap!

Collect bubble wrap, because you always find something to do with it, even the smallest pieces of bubble wrap will eventually serve one day or the other!

Tips and Crafts

When we make purchases, we sometimes end up with bubble wrap and we often put it in recycling. Instead, keep it! We always find something to do with bubble wrap!

Here are 6 good ways to keep bubble wrap:

1) Mix 10ml (2 teaspoons) of coconut oil in a bowl of chocolate pieces and melt it in a bain-marie or microwave oven a few times for 20-second, make sure to mix between each time. Pour the melted chocolate on a plate covered with washed bubble paper. Then, put it all in the fridge for 30 minutes. Turn everything out of the mould, break into pieces and dip the pieces of chocolate into ice cream, add pastry sprinkles to decorate!

2) Collect big bubble wrap in the box of your last big purchase. Drill a long piece of bubble wrap with a pointed object and add shower curtain rings. For a perfect shower curtain, for free!

3) Make a cover with a piece of recovered fabric. Insert ice cubes wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap into the fabric pouch to relieve minor pains with a soft, comfortable cushion

4) Make a case for your tools, or brushes, or makeup, etc. easily by folding a rectangle of bubble wrap that you will glue with a hot glue gun

5) Insulate this large window that cools down the entire room by wetting the glass with a spray bottle filled with water, then apply bubble wrap. You will avoid losing 3 to 5°C (5 and 10°F) per room in heat loss.

6) Add bubble wrap strips glued with hot glue on the bottom of your hangers to prevent the trousers from getting creased

You can watch the video below to see these 6 ideas:

Bubble wrap tricks

Amazing bubble wrap tricks.?

Posted by Bright Side on Monday, October 23, 2017