Here are 8 childrens' bed ideas to create a dream room

These beds make you want to have several children!

Tips and Crafts

No need to have given birth to triplets, quadruplets or more to draw inspiration from the images of this article. If your young children do not have a big age gap and you do not have enough rooms to give one to each of them, or if simply, your children feel more comfortable not sleeping alone, these beautiful beds should interest you!

And if you have only one child, he/she might like to have one of these beds. To invite his/her friends regularly to pajamas parties!

Bed # 1 We cross each other!

A great way to maximize the available space. Bases of different colors, which delimit the space and the personality of each child while keeping harmony. Yes, it's the youngest child who sleeps on the bottom bed!


Bed # 2: Big brother or big sister keeps an eye on thebaby

If your eldest child has a heavy sleep or if your baby sleeps well, why not make them sleep together? The respiration of one child will make sleep the other one. Kids will share the same space and this could lead to a complicity !


Bed # 3: Almost Russian dolls!

A drawer, two drawers ... The day, we see a single bed and when it's time to sleep, we open the drawer and everyone curls up in bed!


Bed # 4: A luxury dormitory!

With its lights at each headboard, its bookcase that separates the space and drawers for storage, this structure is really interesting.


Bed # 5: Twin Babies Have Fun

After 9 months together, twin babies often have trouble sleeping well, once they are in this big world. This bed is a great option to reassure them!


Bed # 6: Three small beds

Offering more vertical space than Bed # 1, these beds are a great idea !


Bed # 7: A mini apartment building

The challenge with this system will be to choose who will sleep up after climbing this nice ladder! Each one in turn, maybe?


Bed # 8: Four beds instead of one

Do you have four kids at home? They will love these beds, with nice stairs and safety gates.