Here are 9 tips to make your home safer for toddlers

And all these solutions will cost you next to nothing!

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Tips and Crafts
Published 5 years ago
Here are 9 tips to make your home safer for toddlers

With young children at home, an accident can happen so fast.

Despite all our good intentions, toddlers tend to want to explore their environment or to touch potentially dangerous objects.

There are many products on the market to prevent incidents of all kinds, but these are often very expensive.

With the 9 inexpensive tips we offer, your children will be safe from injury.

Wrap a sheet on the horizontal bar of the baby's crib. Not only will you avoid nasty splinters, but it will also protect the bed from wear ... Perfect if you plan to reuse the bed for a future baby !

In addition, the sheet will protect the mouth of the child if he or she tends to chew the edge of the bed.

By cutting a floating noodle used for the pool, you will make finger protectors very useful for imps who like to play around by opening and closing doors.

Tennis balls are placed on the corners of the table. If children bump into each other, the risk of injury is lower.

Use rubber bands to hold cupboard doors and prevent the toddlers from getting hurt with pans and other kitchen items.

When you go to a public place with your child, have him wear a homemade bracelet on which your cell number is indicated. If he gets lost, people will know how to get in touch with you.

Use a rectangular laundry basket for bath time. Your little munchkin will be less likely to bump on the edges of the bath or slip. Good thinking!

If your children tend to slide on the floors of the house, use hot glue on the soles of their onesie (one-piece) pajamas and clothing, let it dry and voilà, you've got slip-resistant clothing !

No need to spend a small fortune on protective barriers. Adjustable shower rods will work very well and at a much lower cost !

Secure your cabinets by storing cleaning products in airtight containers that are difficult to open.

Feel free to share these useful and affordable tips with all the parents in your life !