Here are 9 unusual ways to use WD-40 at home

It is so convenient, you should always have it at home!

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We have made many lists for using this famous product and it has proved it efficiency more than once!

It is super convenient for a multitude of stuff in the house, so much, that we should always have a bottle at home!

And once again, you will find that WD-40 is a truly versatile product.

Normally used to lubricate, it also serves to detach, waterproof, wash, repel insects, and much more!

If you live in a country where WD-40 is not available on the market, you can find it on the internet!

Here are 9 Unusual Ways to Use WD-40 at home!

1) Would you like the squirrels to leave food for birds in the feeders? Add WD-40 to plastic surfaces! They will become so slippery that squirrels will find it hard to climb them.

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2) There is nothing more efficient than WD-40 to clean a nail polish stain! Are you still wearing nail polish? always keep a bottle at home!

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3) Next time you wash the fridge, spray a little bit of WD-40 on the front of the fridge and always rub in the grain direction of the stainless steel. You will be surprised to see all the marks of fingers disappear! Rub all your stainless steel appliances!

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4) Spray a little bit of WD-40 on your shoes or boots for waterproof protection!


5) In the spring, spray WD-40 throughout the outside contour and on the eaves of the house to prevent wasps and bees from making their nests there. They hate the smell of WD-40.

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6) Not only will WD-40 help you to wash the windows of the shower, the mirrors and the windows of the bathroom in depth, but it will help to prevent the formation of residues on the doors of the shower. Hard water and soap stains, difficult to remove, will be easily removed with WD-40.


7) Hard water leaves stains. You will find WD-40 so effective to wash these stains effortlessly, that you will usually use it to eliminate them as soon as they appear!


8) Many people spray WD-40 on the mirrors, windows and locks of their cars to prevent ice and snow coming on. You can also spray WD-40 on the shovel you use to clear your yard, the snow will slip and roll more easily.

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9) A ring stuck on your finger? Try WD-40! If it still does not work, try with Windex windows product!

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