Here are some ideas to give a rustic look to your home

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Tips and Crafts
Published 6 years ago
Here are some ideas to give a rustic look to your home

Rustic decor and warm atmosphere go hand in hand.

You do not have to spend your money at an antique dealer to get that atmosphere at home. website has listed ways to give a rustic/country look to your home.

1. Wooden pallets


2. Framed shelves


3. Wool around your vases

Country living

4. String lights


5. Small wicker baskets

City Farm House

6. Vintage boxes for storing your kitchen accessories

Cookies Craft and Chaos

7. A fork as a utensil holder

Easy Homesteading

8. Masson jars to tidy up your bathroom


9. A wooden swing

Ruiz Design

10. Hanging lanterns

Pottery Barn

11. A wooden shelf support

Mammie Jane

12. A wooden headboard


13. Old metal handles wrapped in string

I love that junk

14. Frames surrounded by string


15. A clock mounted on a log of wood


16. Candlesticks covered with tree branches


17. Wooden storage for mail

Vintage News Junkie

18. A wall made of wood panels

Thrifty Decor Chick