Here is a 100% natural tip that will allow you to improve your tomato plants to grow more tomatoes

My dad always did it!

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Growing tomatoes is very easy ! Once the seedlings are in the soil, just water them to see the tomatoes grow after only a few weeks ! You will grow lots of tomatoes every summer ? But do all your neighbors harvest twice as much tomatoes as you ? Do you know their secret ? Is it sheep manure ? Is this the place where they set up their vegetable garden, and the position of the sun ?

Well no, in fact, all their secret lies in a very simple trick.

Before, people said that you had to remove the suckers from tomato plants to obtain a better crop and / or bigger tomatoes. But it's wrong. In fact, we must keep the suckers, because they are useful. The leaves of the sucker serve as reflectors in the sun to provide more heat to the tomatoes that need it, to grow and to ripen.

"When we know that it is the heat that makes the tomatoes grow, we will certainly not cut this very useful "tool"."

But here is a very brilliant trick that will have exactly the same effect, without depriving the tomato plants of their solar reflectors.

How to do:

1) On a very hot day and when the soil is dry, use a sharp knife to make a small cut on all the lower branches (suckers) on each tomato plant.

2) Never make cut on the main stem. You will observe that on each plant, there may be up to one to three main stems.

3) Make the cuts on the lower branches. Leave the foliage on the top of the plants, because the tomato plants need shade on the top.

What's the point:

Suckers do not produce fruit, but they increase the need of water for tomato plants and they remain wet after watering. And this makes them more likely to have fungi and / or parasites. So, making cuts on these branches, will improve the circulation of air and water under the plants. Allowing plants to become stronger. You will get bigger tomatoes and a better harvest.

In short, we no longer cut the suckers from tomato plants, we only make small cuts !

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