Here is the best way to fix a hole in a wall!

Someone lost their temper and made a hole in a wall?

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When someone makes a hole in a wall, there can be two problems. First, the wall can stay damaged forever because the plaster has never been done well. Second, the hole can be damaged again because the replacement part is fragile and nothing holds it back.

This technique is made to avoid the second problem. That the hole is damaged once again. A nudge, a child leaning against the wall... A whole bunch of reasons can damages the hole again. And that would be very annoying.

So to prevent this from happening you have to do this:

1) Make a square around the hole and take the exact dimensions of this square with a tape measure.

2) Reproduce a square with the exact measures in a gypsum board.

3) Cut a wooden board a little longer than the height of the hole in the wall.

4) Fix the board vertically behind the wall with screws for plaster walls.

5) Then screw the square of Gypsum previously cut to the right dimension in the hole.

6) Cover the square with plaster net.

7) Apply several layers of plasters by letting the plaster dry between each layer and sanding just a little between each layer.

8) Sand the entire surface with sandpaper.

9) And finally repaint the damaged wall, which is now like new.

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Fixing a Hole in the Wall

Step-by-step instructions that show a simple way to repair a large hole in your drywall. via,

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