Here is the best way to stop your tights from laddering

Avoid holes and ladders!

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The tights are practical, and very useful. You can wear them with many outfits and they make beautiful legs.

The problem with this fashion accessory : they are easily damaged, often ... all the time.

Did you know that ? Pantyhose would be deliberately less resistant to increase purchases. In 1940, the sale of very resistant nylon stockings, made the sales collapsed. The "formula" was changed and the pantyhose started laddering again. Thus, women spend about 150 euros ( C$ 169 ) a year for pantyhose that will ladder after a few days ... or the first day.

We end up getting tired of always having to buy new pantyhose !

And when they start laddering at work or at a meeting...this is really embarrasing !

Fortunately, there is a fantastic trick to prevent a pair of nylon stockings or tights from laddering. The trick to make them more resistant: you have to wash them with white vinegar.

It's really simple !

Instructions :

1. Fill a basin with cold water.

2. Add 1 tablespoon vinegar ( 15 ml ) per liter of cold water.

3. Put the tights in this solution.

4. Soak the pantyhose for 5 hours.

5. Wash the tights by hand.

Thanks to white vinegar, your tights are now much resistant !

You tights will be less damaged thanks to this tip ! A very easy and really economical tip that will avoid you to go back to store to buy new tights every week !

So that's how you can wear tights without making holes and ladders.

Be aware that if you want to wash your socks and tights in the washing machine, just add a cup of white vinegar .

Why does it work ?

White vinegar does all the work; it removes limescale that is on the fibers of the tights and stockings, which make them less resistant .

The wonderful and so useful vinegar will make your tights last longer . White vinegar can be used in so many ways !

No more unpleasant ladders on the tights and holes on the toes !