Here is the TOP 10 of the best ideas to make with climbing plants!

10 wonderful ideas for a dream garden!

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Do you remember the fashion of climbing plants on the facades of houses? Well people have wonderful ideas now!

So here is the TOP 10 of the best ideas to do with climbing plants!

1) This whole wall made with climbing plants is incredibly beautiful!! And it provides the perfect shade that the owners of this house wanted for the terrace that runs along the curved wall of their house in the very modern style.

If you like the look of this plant, you will be very happy to learn that the Morning Glory will grow very early in spring and they make beautiful flowers in a multitude of colors! You will have the choice! Moreover they will quickly recover this net which is not very aesthetic. But do not worry ... You will hardly see it during the winter season, because winter in Quebec, everything is snow white!

2) This kind of division are ideal for blocking the view to neighbors a bit too curious!

3) Add some creativity to a rather simple fence with greenery!

4) Or on a white stucco wall thanks to nylon thread!


5) This idea is just beautiful! The sides are covered with plants, to leave the alley open!

6) Cover the gutters with climbing plants with a metal structure!

7) Create a half-dome shelter for children!

8) Or a fully green tipi!

9) Even the smallest of the backyards will have a certain charm with climbing vines and lights in the evening!

10) Create shade on your pergola to not suffer from this too heavy heat in the heatwave!