Here's a new alternative to senior living: mobile homes!

There is even a voice to remind its residents to take their medication!

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The popularity of tiny homes is growing every day, and more and more people are choosing to abandon everything behind them to live a simpler life. But until now, this way of living has been mostly targeted by young people and couples in their twenties.

Seniors are now interested in this idea, too! People aged between 51 and 70, seem to prefer to live in small homes rather than in retirement homes. They are opting or comfortable, fully functional small mobile homes where they still can live their regular life.

These houses have been designed in such a way that their occupants feel good and have all the amenities. In fact, the closets are located at a lower height than normal, the bathrooms are accessible to allow the passage of wheelchairs, etc. In some of these mobile homes, there is even a voice to remind its residents to take their medication. Very smart! 

The small houses have wheels and are mobile. They are actually really charming and entirely designed for people of a certain age.  A group of seniors called Italian mamas or “Sausage Nonnas”, travel aboard these little houses and they are loving their new lifestyle!

There are a few models available. This one looks more like a regular house and even have a small balcony.

And if this housing is no longer suitable for the people living in them, the owners will still be able to move the house on wheels… a great advantage! Maybe to get closer to family or medical staff!

What do you think of this idea? Would you rather live in tiny house or a retirement place?