Here's how to defrost your windshield faster

It will save you time!

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Published 1 month ago
Here's how to defrost your windshield faster
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Do you want to quickly defrost your windshield without damaging it? We might have the perfect trick for you.

When the winter season arrives, we often see supposedly 'miraculous' tricks on social media to defrost a car windshield.

Although some of these tricks are effective, they can cause damage to your windshield, and unfortunately, many people fall for them!

Regarding the trick we are going to present to you today, it is safe.

It is important to know that when a windshield is frosty, it is due to condensation and the freezing point of water.

As in winter, the temperature often drops below the freezing point, this causes the moisture in the air to condense on cold surfaces, such as a windshield, for example!

This condensation then freezes to form a layer of ice on the windshield, and you have to wait for long minutes to finally hit the road!

However, there is a rather simple trick that could save you from waiting during those long minutes.

Indeed, sunshades could now become your best friends, because by lowering them and setting the heating so that the air blows just at the foot of the windshield, it will cause the heat to rise instead of being lost in the cabin to the rear.

As the heat bounces off the sunshade, it will then be directed towards the windshield.

In other words, you will significantly reduce the waiting time!

Let's remember that we are in the middle of winter, so this trick will likely be useful for several more weeks!