Here's how to make a snowman with plastic cups!

Decorate the house with a snowman that will not melt!

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This snowman won't melt at the first temperature rise!

And you can even use it to decorate the classroom or the playroom at the child-care centre!

You dream of making one for a long time?

You will need:

-2 or 3 packets of 100 plastic cups of 300 ml 

-A stapler

-Felt to make the mouth and nose

-3 red Christmas tree bulbs to make the buttons and 2 golden Christmas tree bulbs to make the sonwman's eyes (or use felt for make them)

-A black Sharpie

-A red scarf

How to do:

1) Start by making a circle by stapling plastic cups together

2) Then staple all other cups between 2 cups to form a half-sphere

3) Turn the half sphere over and staple 1 or 2 more rows to create a slight shape under the snowman so that it is not too flat on the ground

4) Then, make only half a sphere with the same technique, so that your snowman is not too big and place it on the 1st sphere

5) Then make the head by starting a half-sphere (with less cups in step one), turn the sphere over and do 1 or 2 more rows to give it a rounded shape without making a ball. Staple the head on the body

6) Add Christmas tree bulbs to make buttons and eyes or use felt to make them

7) Use a sharpie to draw the pupils

8) Cut a smile and a nose in felt 

9) All you have to do is add a nice red scarf around the neck or make one with felt!

See this video to understand how to do it!