Here's what distance you can still drive when your low gas signal lights up in the dashboard.

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Everyone is wondering how long we can still drive when the low fuel light comes on. Here's how to know the answer.

The website YourMechanic has created a chart that lets you know how many miles you can still drive with the gas light on, depending on your vehicle.

This chart is based on the most popular 2015 models. So, there are not all the models.

We learn for example that sedans can drive 48 kilometers longer than SUVs with the warning light on.

Some modern cars can tell you the amount of miles left, but it's not always reliable according to the YourMechanic website.

Indeed, this range indicator is based on your average mileage and not on your current driving conditions. So, the number indicated on the range indicator can be wrong.

Driving conditions obviously have a significant impact on your fuel consumption. If you're stuck in traffic and driving on the highway with no one on the road, it's not the same thing.

This chart allows you to know quite accurately how many miles or kilometers you have left when the warning light illuminates.

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For example, if you drive a Nissan Versa or a Toyota Prius, you can still drive 76 to 80 miles (122 to 128 kilometers) with the low fuel light on.

A larger vehicle like the Chevy Silverado or the Kia Optima uses more fuel, so you can't drive a lot of kilometers, you need to find a gas station. With these two vehicles mentioned, you can drive between 25 and 30 miles (between 40 and 48 kilometers).

However, just because you have this information does not mean that you have to test the limits of your vehicle. It is strongly recommended to fill up your car when the signal is turned on.

In addition, running your car on empty can damage it. Because, the fuel has the effect of cooling the engine. If the fuel level is too low, serious damage can be caused to the car.

Repairing this kind of problem can be very expensive, sometimes several hundred dollars.

But this information on the amount of miles left is still good to know in case of emergency.

Drive safe!