Hidden Object Game: Can you find the woman in this picture?

If you can find it quickly, you're considered to have a higher IQ than average!

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Jörg Düsterwald is a german artist that is a true master at body painting! In case you are wondering, body painting is exactly what you think it might be; it is the art of using the human body as a canvas!

The artist recently posted a photo with a challenge to “find the woman in the picture,” since his paintings also act as mind games! Many people struggled to find the hidden lady in the painting. Will you be able to find her? 

Take a look below!

Jörg Düsterwald

Other internet websites claim that if you can find the hidden woman quickly (or under five seconds) you are considered to have a higher IQ than average! There is no scientific evidence to back the claim, but it is still fun to play! 

How long did it take you?

If you are still struggling to find her, take a look at the right bottom part of the painting.

Scroll down for the solution!

There she is! Were you able to find her?

Jörg Düsterwald

Düsterwald’s pieces celebrates the autumn in beautiful forests of Lower Saxony in Germany. Here are a few more of his beautiful work. 

The hidden model, named Nadine, is a little easier to find in these ones!

Jörg Düsterwald
Jörg Düsterwald

You can visit Düsterwald’s website to see more of his mind games or beautiful paintings. 

Now challenge your family and see who will find the hidden woman faster!

How long did it take you?