How to clean a pool with a tennis ball

This also works great for hot tubs

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Published 10 months ago
How to clean a pool with a tennis ball

In the summer, in Quebec, we love having a pool at home. It's a must for refreshment and entertainment.

What we don't love is its maintenance! We want clear water, but cleaning often is a job. We don't want to use the skimmer, vacuum, and play with chemicals throughout the season...

Even with the best equipment, having a pool is work!

If you have a pool, you'll certainly want to know this simple cleaning trick that aims to remove the greasy film left by sunscreen and our body oils.

To get rid of this greasy film, simply throw a few tennis balls into the pool. They'll float to the surface of the water, absorbing oils from the top layer of water. After a few hours, simply remove the tennis balls from the pool, put them in the washing machine, and they'll be clean and ready to be reused! This will also work with spas.

Yes, the pool will still require some maintenance, but it's a simple trick to help keep your pool water clean and sparkling with minimal effort.

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