How to do homemade beetroots in 4 easy steps!

Canned beets, the easiest recipe that exists ...

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When it is autumn season, this is the best recipe.


10 pounds of washed beetroot

5 cups of vinegar

2½ cups of brown sugar

2 tbsp of coarse salt

20 whole cloves

2 cups of broth (1 cup for the juice and 1 cup to be stocked if there is no broth at the end)

5 sterilized pots of 1L


In two large saucepans (one for the largest beets and the other for the smallest) boil the beets about 2 hours or until the skin is easily removed.

Remove the beets from the broth and let cool. Reserve 2 cups of the broth and filter it in a cotton cloth or coffee filter.

Peel and cut the beets.Spread the beets in 5 mason jars of 1 liter.

In a saucepan, boil the vinegar, 1 cup of broth, salt, brown sugar and cloves for 10 minutes. Pour the broth into the jars.