How to get rid of flies in your home with this natural repellant.

They will avoid your house like the plague!

Tips and Crafts

I hate having flies in the house. Fortunately, I do not live in an area with a lot of them, so I manage to "control" them ...

But if flies are always on your home and annoy you day and night, it might be time to show them the way out! With these 6 natural repellent, but terribly effective, you can say goodbye to flies!

A bag filled with water and coinsYou've already heard about it : flies are afraid of the reflection of coins in the water! Hang bags where the flies are usually flying around in your home and you'll see them leave fast enough!

Lemongrass and coconut oilMelt some coconut oil and add 30 drops of lemongrass essential oil: pour the oil into small containers and disperse them in the house. Your house will smell like coconut and lemon. For the flies, it is going to be the worst smell in the world!

Cotton wool with vanilla and mintPut two balls of cotton wool in a small pot, add two tablespoons of vanilla extract and a few mint leaves. Cover the pot with a piece of cheesecloth and place it in the most infested spot. It's radical!

Vodka and CloveFill a spray bottle with cheap vodka and essential oil of clove or lavender. These oils are very effective flies repellents. As for vodka, it is unbearable for flies!

Cider vinegarEven though you have always been told that you do not catch flies with vinegar, cider vinegar has a different taste and smell from its cousin the white vinegar. Thus, flies will come and die!

Pour some into a glass jar and close the opening with some plastic wrap, make small holes in the plastic to let the flies go through. Do not worry, they will come in, but will not be able to get out!

An old scratched CDIf you have a garden, hang an old CD to the tree the closest from your house. The reflection of the sunlight will frighten flies that will not risk to come back!

With these 6 tricks, you will win your battle against flies: they will leave you alone and will bother someone else ...

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