How to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a simple container.

7 easy steps that anyone can accomplish! No need for a garden!

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Published 2 years ago
How to grow 100 pounds of potatoes in a simple container.

Potatoes are a staple for many families! Everybody loves them and they are part of the vast majority of our meals throughout the week. So, why not grow them at home? With the price of groceries constantly going up, you have nothing to lose!

And don't worry, you can do this without even owning a garden. You can grow 45kg/100 lbs of potatoes using only a container and soil! 


It requires only 7 easy steps, here's how to grow potatoes in a container!

1. Pick the right container

You will need a large container or a barrel that can hold 200L/50 gallon. You can even use a large trash can! Really, any container with this type of volume will do the trick, as long as there are holes or you can drill holes yourself.


2. Clean the container

Before you start, make sure to thoroughly clean the container you picked using a bleach solution or white vinegar. Also, make sure to drill several holes in the bottom and the sides of your container as it is essential to have good drainage for this method to work. 

3. Germinate the seeds

You can use pre-sprouted potatoes or germinate the seeds at home. An easy method is to place them in an egg carton, buds side up. Then, leave in a warm and bright place.


4. Prepare the soil mixture 

Try to opt for a high-quality organic potting soil that is fast draining. It is also preferable to mix in slow-release fertilizer with the soil. You can also use a diluted liquid fertilizer every couple of weeks. 

5. Put in the seed potatoes 

Fill your container with 6 inches of potting soil that has been mixed fertilizer. You can also add compost! Then, place the seed potato on the potting mix, with the eye buds facing up.

Keep in mind that the plants will grow fairly large, therefore you should leave some breathing room.

6. Cover the potatoes 

Cover the seed potatoes with more of the prepared potting soil. You need about 1 to 4 inches of soil, depending on your climate. The cooler the climate, the less soil you need.


7. Water, hill and harvest! 

Your potatoes will need sun and water to grow! Remember to take your container in the sun at least six to eight hours of sun a day and to keep soil moist, but not wet.

Once you see that the potatoes have grown about 6 inches, it is time to "hill" them! That means, adding a couple inches of potting soil around the plants. You will need to repeat this step as your plants grow.

After around 10 weeks, or when the foliage begins to turn yellow, you can harvest your potatoes. Proceed gently by digging the soil with your hands. If the potatoes are ripe, all you have to do is empty the barrel onto a tarp, and harvest your potatoes.


Here is a tutorial video. 

Will you be harvesting potatoes this year? 

Source: Buzz Ultra