How to knit this cute cat bed in just 30 minutes

Simple to do and cheap!

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Pet beds in pet stores are very expensive. So, why not make one yourself ? Because you probably do not know what to do and where to start, right ? And even this model made of wool, you probably think that you do not know how to knit or crochet. But you do not need to know. Since the bed is done with the hands ! You will see, it is very easy to make this cute cat bed !

You can make the bed to the size of your choice. If your cat is very small, you do not need a king size bed. On the other hand, if you have a very big cat, allow it to finally have space to relax in a big cozy bed, without spending more than the price of the wool. Also choose a practical color, which does not show too much the hair of your pet, and a color that you can wash easily. For example: avoid a white bed, if your cat is black. Black hairs that may get caught in the wool will make the bed look dirty. If your cat is black, choose a dark color instead. If your cat is white, choose light color.

These cat beds are wonderful ! They are made like hiding places ! You will see in the video that they are very deep. And you know how cats like to hide and snuggle up ? They will love it ! ! !

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You will need :

- 1 1/2 giant ball of super chunky wool. We can find them on several websites, but in the video, we suggest their shop:

- String

- Scissors

- Your hands

See all the different steps to make this cat bed in the following video :

Follow the movements of the lady's arms to learn how to make this beautiful cat bed. This is very easy  with the video !

Source : YouTube video Be Cozi

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