How to make a garden pond with a simple plastic container?

A simple way to decorate your garden!

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How to make a garden pond with a simple plastic container?

Have you always dreamed of a small garden pond in your garden? Do you know it's not that complicated to make? You just need a plastic container, a good fountain pump and some decorative elements to make a decoration that you can admire during the summer season in your garden.

You will need:

- A container (a black if the pump is black, otherwise hide it with the stones)

- A solar water pump (less wires to hide)

- Concrete pavers

- Rocks of different shapes and sizes

- Plants tolerant of water

- A product against algae

How to do:

1) Draw the shape of the container where you want to install your garden pond

2) Dig a hole, equivalent to the height of the container


3) Place the plastic container on the ground where you want it


4) Then put large rocks in the bottom of the container to keep the water pump in place.


5) Place the concrete pavers all around, taking care to hide the power cords of the fountain pump if it is not solar pump.

6) Otherwise, you can hide the solar panel behind decorative stones.


7) Add water and plants to the garden pond.

8) Decorate the garden pond with water plants.

9) Treat the water by following the directions on the product's packaging against algae


10) Decorate all around the garden pond with decorative stones, plants, flowers, etc.


You will bring a beautiful touch to your garden! And it's so simple!