How to remove permanent marker stains from any surface.

With all these tips you can remove permanent marker stains from any surfaces!

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If you have made a stain on a carpet or on ceramic or you want to start a drawing again, you will find in the short video below all the tips to remove permanent marker stains.

Whether on ceramic, on a wall, on a whiteboard or on fabric, there is always a solution!

WARNING: Remember that you should never wash a cloth and put it in the dryer before trying to remove the stain. The dryer will make the stain worse and the cloth would be ruined forever! And this tip is applies for all kinds of stain.

How to remove permanent marker stains from any surfaces?

1) Whiteboard marker on ceramic ---> Water

2) Permanent marker on a whiteboard ---> Cover the stain with the whiteboard marker, then erase

3) Permanent marker on ceramic ---> Toothpaste

4) Permanent marker on hardwood ---> Rubbing alcohol

5) Permanent marker on a kitchen countertop ---> Nail polish remover

6) Permanent marker on fabrics ---> Hand sanitizer + baking soda + lemon juice + toothbrush + washing machine

7) Permanent marker on the carpet ---> Rubbing alcohol + hairspray

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How to Erase Permanent Marker From Anything

How to erase permanent marker from anything.?✨

Posted by 5-Minute Crafts on Monday, November 20, 2017