If i hadn’t seen it i wouldn’t have believed it! With 6 empty bottles, you can make a really efficient air conditioner!

It's amazing! I still can not believe it!

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I am so surprised, and I think you will be so too! Happily surprised!

You see, as the man will demonstrate in the video below, with a thermometer backing him up, that it’s possible to manufacture an efficient air conditioner with 6 empty plastic bottles and a fan. I absolutely did not understand how placing empty bottles on a fan could turn it into an air conditioner ...

You’ve already been shown how to freshen the air with frozen bottles of water. The principle is easy to understand: melting bottled ice water refreshes the air. But that's not what we're talking about here because we're going to use completely empty bottles.

The trick is based on a principle that we all know without knowing it: Open your mouth and blow by putting your hand in front to feel the hot air coming out. Now, blow by closing the mouth: the air that comes out of your mouth is cooler. And without knowing that it is a principle of physics when you blow on a burn or a bobo, we know that the air is cooler than if you blow your mouth open!

So, the same process is applied here: using 6 bottles to cover the surface of the fan (if yours is smaller or larger, you will have to adjust the number of bottles), the air coming out of the fan is cooler than if it had not put anything in front of the device.

What is downright stunning is that in a few seconds, the air temperature goes down almost 4 degrees!

See how it’s mounted (it's easy to do) in this video to understand how to attach the bottles. It's really easy to try, I'm impressed!