If you can recognize most of these pictures, sorry but you are officially old!

How many pictures do you recognize?

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Here's a quick way to find out your age! Simply look at the pictures below and if you recognize most of them; congratulations you are officially old! All jokes aside, we hope these pictures will take you for a little trip back in time!

Maybe you should share some with your kids to see their reactions!

But let's see first, how many do you recognized? 

1. Kitchen Tool

Do you know what is it used for? 

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2. Did you use this tool?

It's an address book! Maybe even faster than your contact list on your phone! 

Facebook - Triple M Newy

3. Do you remember the smell of these? 

This toy would never be accepted nowadays! 

Facebook - Do You Remember When

4. Did you or your mom used this?

It looks like a scary tool! 

Robert George Young / Getty Images

5. Popcorn tasted so much better!

Have you made a snack this way?

Facebook - DoYouRememberThe70sFanClub

6. Do you know where you can find these?

Remember drive-ins? 

Silvrshootr / Getty Images

7. Is this a dangerous weapon?

No, just a pull tab from an old soda can! 

Reddit u/Benmark97

8. What is this "button"?

High and low lights! 

Twitter - @EuroCarParts

9. This tool was used in classroom. 

To make straight lines on the board!


10. If you used this to make coffee... 

Instead of a Keurig machine!


11. If you know to program one of these

And find your favourite station! 

Facebook - hortonswrecker

12. Do you know what this was used for?

Hint: laundry


13. Ever used one of these at the store?

They were so heavy! 


14. You had this dinner table at home.

Or maybe at your grandma's house!


15. Do you remember the pain?

Toys were something else!


16. Every house had a blanket like this!

I can still smell it!


17. You had one of these kits!

And no, they are not torture tools! 


18. You had your first kiss on one of these. 

Or you spend the afternoon with friends!

Facebook - DoYouRememberWhen1

19. If this was your childhood snack!

Before the gluten-free/sugar-free diets!

Facebook - warm98

20. If you remember the original crock-pot

The most delicious meals!


21. Do you remember what's under this doll?

An umbrella! 


22. This is how you used to watch movies.

Long before Netflix!


How many do you remember?