If you do these two steps your front-loading washing machine won't smell mold anymore!

2 simple steps that should not be overlooked!

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Front-loading washing machines offer many advantages compared to standard washers.

-Easy to unload clothes
-We save money on household products
-We save on consumed water
-And we save on the energy spent

But they are not perfect. If you do not take the time to maintain them regularly, mold quickly appear inside the rubbers that seal the door of these machines.

And these molds can develop bad smells, not only in your laundry room, but also on clothing.


1) Pour white vinegar into a spray bottle and spray it on mildew stains, then wash all stains of mold with a rag. Once the spots have disappeared, clean these rubbers at least once a month always with white vinegar

2) Never close the machine door! This last step, will make all the difference! Because the door closed machine keeps all the moisture inside and that's when mold formation begins!

Respect these two simple steps, wash the rubber once a month with white vinegar and never close the door and you will never find mold in the rubber of your front-loading washing machine.