If your dog does any of these 8 things, it means he really loves you!

How to know if your dog really loves you? These signs do not lie.

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Published 2 months ago
If your dog does any of these 8 things, it means he really loves you!

Dogs are loyal companions and generally devoted to their masters, but how can we be really sure that they love us? Their behavior can sometimes be confusing. But despite a few occasional misadventures, dogs often have a great love for their beloved masters.

Here are 8 signs that mean your dog really loves you, without a shadow of a doubt!

1. He licks your face.

Grooming is a sign of love and devotion in dogs. They do the same with younger dogs or other animals they get along with. So, even if this behavior disgusts you a little, if he licks your face, it's a sign of intimacy!

Image source: Pexels

2. He takes care of you when you're sick or injured.

A dog who stays with you when you're sick or injured shows you his love and dedication. It's a way for him to take care of you. Moreover, licking is also a behavior that dogs do when they want to heal from an injury. So don't be surprised if they try to lick you when you're sick or injured. In their mind, your faithful companion is simply trying to heal you!

3. He shares his toys.

A dog who brings you a toy (especially his favorite toy!) signals that he recognizes you as his "pack leader" and that he appreciates you. If he shows you that he wants to play, it's because he loves you.

4. He cuddles with you after eating.

Most pets consider food as a motivation. If after eating, your dog gives you cuddles, feel honored by this behavior! Indeed, what the dog does after eating is his second priority after food.

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5. He sleeps in your bed.

A dog who sleeps next to you in your bed shows on one hand that he trusts you and on the other hand, that he is devoted to his "pack", that is to say his owner or family members. If a dog falls asleep snuggled against you, it means that he is loyal to you.

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6. He follows you everywhere.

Unlike humans and other animal species, dogs don't need to be alone. And if he follows you everywhere in the house during your daily tasks, it means that he undoubtedly loves you. It is a behavior that shows he is loyal to his pack... or in this case, his human!

7. He yawns when you yawn.

Since dogs are raised by humans, they are able to instinctively understand their masters. So when you yawn and your dog imitates you, it means he's showing you a form of empathy, just like contagious yawning in humans.

Image source: Pexels

8. He is extremely excited when you come home.

This is undoubtedly the best (and clearest!) way to express his attachment to you. Canine behavior experts tend to say that this is love in its purest form.