Inspiring 15 ideas to give a new life to old furniture

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Inspiring 15 ideas to give a new life to old furniture

It is possible to have elegant and fancy furniture without paying a fortune. And here's how!

You can make something new with old furniture by repurposing and renovating it. Discover 15 ways to do it:


An old dresser can be reconverted into a beautiful bathroom vanity. With the help of a plumber, it is possible to install the plumbing into an old dresser. In addition, this provides extra storage in the bathroom.


An old bench can always be turned into a small table for the living room. It's just big enough to put a lamp, a book and the remote. It is also possible to store things underneath.


For a centerpiece, it's possible to use an old shutter. It's elegant, original and very rustic!


To create a space for your dog, you can use an old TV stand. Remove what's inside and create space for your beloved doggie.


An old filing cabinet can be a perfect piece of furniture to store garden tools. Simply remove the drawers and paint it. That's all!


For a kitchen countertop, you can use an old piece of furniture on which you can add a piece of wood or marble or other material to create a larger countertop.


Fixing old doors together can create a kind of nice patio for enjoying the garden.


An old crib can be used when your children are older. Indeed, it can be converted into a desk or art table where children can draw or paint, or do anything they want!


An old door can also be turned into a piece of furniture to store the coffee machine and the coffee!


To put your plants and flowers, you can use an old garbage can. Fill it with stones and add the plants to the top. You can also paint the garbage can to give it a more finished look.


Make your child happy and turn an old TV stand into a beautiful play kitchen ! There is no play kitchen like this one in store!


A bench to sit and store your shoes can be very convenient in the entrance of a house. For this, an old dresser will be perfect! Remove the top of the cabinet and add cushions. Also remove drawers to store shoes and voila!


For a beautiful and original headboard, you can use old shutters. The result is amazing!


To upgrade your bathroom, it is possible to reuse door knockers and fix them onto your cabinet doors. It's really original !


Here's how to use an old door and turn it into a bench for the entryway. Very practical to store the shoes!