Instead of rebuilding his balcony with cement, he did what few dare to do and it's absolutely beautiful!

This is the kind of project we want to achieve by seeing it!

Tips and Crafts

When I saw his beautiful balcony, it was for me the most beautiful I have ever seen: it is made of varnished wood!

The cement balcony of this family was cracked and chipped, it should have been remade by professionals for many, many dollars!

Since they did not have the budget for this, they opted for pallet wood.

They removed the boards from the 12 pallets and placed the wooden squares on the balcony, adjusting the height where necessary to level the floor.

Then, just nail the boards.

By the way, I like this checkerboard, it is even more beautiful than if the planks had been placed in the same direction, in my opinion.

Of course, you have to apply a wood protector and a nice varnish to polish the wood. [pub]

The result is really beautiful!

Are we going to get pallets? I think so!