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Is animal hair stuck to your clothes even after you wash them?

Practical tips to use now!

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Are your clothes still covered with pet hair, even when your clothes have just been washed because there is hair all over the house? It is true that with pets, we have hair everywhere and we have to live with it!

There is still a way to remove pet hair thanks to these tips:


Before washing your clothes covered with hair, put them in the dryer for 10 minutes (no heat). Hair will be removed thank to the motion and air of the dryer. Empty the lint filter, it will be full! Then wash your clothes normally.

Shake out all the clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

Add ½ cup of white vinegar: Vinegar will help loosen pet hair.

Shake out clothes again before putting them in the dryer.

Use a tennis ball or a ball of aluminum foil in the dryer: it will help release any remaining pet hair.


Do not vacuum on your wooden floors: use a mop covered with an electrostatic cloth, it will remove a maximum of hair! The vacuum cleaner on the contrary makes the hair fly in all directions with the movement of air, while the electrostatic cloth will attract them!


Sprinkle baking soda on your carpets and vacuum 3 times at the same place in a back-and-forth motion, 3 times! You will be surprised by the amount of hair!

If the corners and edges of carpets are darker, it is probably that they are full of hair! Use a rubber glove, wet it and put a finger on the edge, between the carpet and the wood, you will see all the hair that you will manage to extract with this wet glove!


Dust the furniture with a microfiber cloth, slightly wet. Too much water would ruin the electrostatic effect of the cloth, so just add a little bit of water! But the water on the cloth will retain even more hair.

Dust fabric chairs and sofas with a rubber glove or Squeegee! It is MAGIC! Really more efficient and economical than a lint roller! The Squeegee will also be convenient in the car to clean seats covered with pet hair.

If the sofa is the favorite place of your pet, cover it with a small blanket! Remove the blanket, when you have guests!

With all this tips, you will find less and less pet hair on your clothes and everywhere on your belongings! It's a war you will never win completely, but you can win some battles!

The blogger of Clean My Space explains all this tips in this video.