Is your dog digging holes in the yard? Here are the reasons and the solutions!

Even if this behavior might bother you, it is perfectly normal.

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Many dogs are "diggers", and give makeovers to their owner's lawn... If your pooch has this habit, know that it is not alone doing this. This is a very normal dog behavior. 

Does this mean that we have simply have to accept having a garden with holes? No, because there are fairly simple solutions to solve this digging problem. 

Here's why a dog digs: Your pet can dig holes for a number of reasons. It can be a matter of instinct. Or it can dig for a place to cool off in the dirt. It can also do this to hunt rodents or insects. Or, out of need spend some energy, to run away from the yard or because it is bored. And it can just find it funny!

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Here are solutions to this problem: 

In all aspects of daily life with a dog, you should know that if the animal lacks activities and does not spend its energy, it is more at risk of doing silly things. So think about occupying your pets! A dog that has nothing to do is much more likely to dig in the yard.

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Canine experts strongly recommend supervising the dog when taken out for more than a few minutes. If the animal starts digging, it should not be scolded.

Instead, call the dog back and redirect its attention elsewhere. In the event that the dog cannot be supervised outside, it should be offered an activity that it is passionate about.

A suggestion: a filled and iced Kong-type toy, hung on a tree. Food can also be scattered on the ground, so that the animal will look for it. The idea is to keep the dog busy!

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If you want to preserve your vegetable patch, a flower garden or a border from your Doogie digging urges, you have to manage the environment.

Thus, you can install a small decorative fence or spit, which will reduce the animal's desire to make holes in this place.

The dog must be allowed to dig.

For many dogs, digging is a real need and really fun. It is therefore suggested to let the animal dig in a specific place on the ground. For example, you can install a small pool for children or a sandbox in the yard. Then put soil in there, hide toys and bones and it will be like paradise for the animal, who will always find something interesting there.

It will be motivated to always dig in the same place and will abandon prohibited areas. This solution meets the needs of the dog, while preserving the garden and flower beds!

Do you have this problem with your dog?