It's crazy all you can do with a shoe organizer!

I run to the store to get one!

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A very practical storage

Sometimes it just takes a simple storage element to organize your home. You do not always have to invest big money in containers, boxes and things like that to have an organized and tidy house.

Today I suggest a simple storage that can make all the difference in your home. The best thing is that it does not cost a fortune. You may already have a shoe organizer at home and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised to see everything you can do with it.

First thing

What do you think of storing your fruits, onions and vegetables in this storage ?

Second thing

I love this thing! This storage is perfect for storing pencils, paint and other DIY stuff for children.

Third thing

That's another thing that's very handy. We are not talking about storage for the house but for camping. See how ingenious this storage is.

Fourth thing

Do you garden? Why not make a vertical garden of herbs with shoe storage?

Fifth thing

That's another good idea to use a shoe organizer. I do not know if you're like me, but my cabinet is often full, and things don't fit in it anymore. It is actually a good idea to store all other items that do not find a place in the medicine cabinet. Be careful, however, if you have young children: use this storage for bandages, hairbrushes and other objects of this kind and not for medication that is more easily accessible to children.

Sixth thing

Oh yeah! I love this idea so much! Look how effective the two shoe organizers are for storing all cleaning products and paper towels.

Seventh thing

Do you have a child? Why not find a way to install a shoe organizer to store all toys, bottles, wipes and other things you need for a long trip?

Eighth thing

Very practical, don't you think? No more panic attacks because children can not find their bottle before going to play soccer.

Ninth thing

I admit that this idea is great for storing the wrapping paper rolls.

Tenth trick

We finish with the bathroom: all the objects and products are in the same place, isn't it great ?