It's hard to believe that this couple has been living in the sewers for 22 years, but take a look inside!

The inside is rather surprising.

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A woman named Maria Garcia was suffering from an drug addiction.

She met her husband, Miguel Restrepo, in the streets of Colombia and he also suffered the same problem. Their life was far from being a fairy tale, but they began to support each other to get out of this horrible addiction.

More than 22 years later, they have managed to go back to normal life, but they still live in the same place. A sewer, that they literally turned into a house!

The crime and drug trafficking rate in Colombia is one of the highest of the world.

They had no family to help them, so this couple had to find a place to live.

If they had not been there for each other, they would never have been able to make it.

Thanks to this place, they had a fresh start.

Over the years, this place has become very important to them.

They have lived in this place for 22 years.

They now have a dog they love!

In this house, they have everything they need.

They have electricity, light, central heating and even a small kitchen!

They even have a TV!

They decorate their house for the holidays like everyone else!

They say the neighborhood is quiet and peaceful.

Their dog, Blacky, is a bit like their child!

They never thought of leaving this place. This couple proves that money and luxury don't make happiness.

A very beautiful story!