Learn how to craft your own plushie key chains!

They are so cute and so easy to make!

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Karen Kavett created this video for HGTV Handmade showing how to sew your very own little food plushie key chains, and they are absolutely adorable! To learn how to make those at home simply follow Karen's instructions! They make great gifts and kids will love them.

Photo : Karen Kavett

For the Avocado shape

You will need:

  • Scrap paper
  • Coloured felt
  • Embroidery coloured threads
  • Fiber fill 
  • Jump ring
  • Key chain


1. Draw an avocado shape on a piece of scrap paper and cut it out.

2. Cut dark green and light green felt using that same avocado shape that you previously cut.

3. Using a heavy-duty punch or scissor, cut a round piece of brown felt. 

4. To create the eyes and the cheeks of the avocado, cut two small round pieces of black and pink felt.

5. Now for the sewing, start by the pit on the front of the avocado - sew the brown circle piece to the light green felt. Leave a small opening and fit the pit with a small amount of fiber fill and then sew up that small opening.

6. Sew the eyes using black embroidery thread and the checks using pink embroidery thread. 

7. Using white embroidery thread, make two stitches to create the eyes, and black thread to create a smile!

8. Sew a jump ring on the top dark green avocado felt piece and sew the dark green piece with the light green piece.

9. Leave a small section left and fill the avocado with fiber fill to give it a nice shape and then close the opening. 

10. Add a key chain to the jump ring that you previsouly sewed. 

To learn how to make other cute food shapes watch Karen's video below!

Photo : Karen Kavett

Will you be trying it at home? They look so cute! Which one is your favourite?

Photo : Karen Kavett

We have a slight preference for the pizza one!