Learn napkin folding techniques. They will transform your dinner table for Christmas.

Here are 9 ways to fold cloth or paper napkins!

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Here are 9 ways to fold cloth or paper napkins ... These models are BEAUTIFUL!

Your guests will be impressed! And they are not difficult to reproduce!

You can watch the video to learn the technique of each!

Practice with paper towels, they work better. Once you get it, you will know how to perfectly do it with cloth napkins!

1st TIP: 

Press pause to follow it live!

2nd TIP: 

Keep this post in your favorites to find it easily at Christmas and share the article on your Facebook to make sure you do not lose it.

Folding No 1: The crown

Folding No 2: The candle

Folding No 3: The silver pocket

Folding No 4: The pyramid

Folding No 5: The Lutin boot

Folding No 6The basket

Folding No 7: The Rose

Folding No 8: The bird of Paradise

Folding No 9: Bishop's hat