Let us show you what this original house, built using large cargo containers, looks like on the inside!

A truly unique house

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A different kind of home!

Do you know the company, Les Collections Dubreuil? This family-owned business specializes in building houses using recycled materials. It offers a range of diverse materials that reflect their ecological values.

When Claudie Dubreuil decided to build a house, she took the opportunity to create something extraordinary and unique!

If you like different kinds of houses, you will probably enjoy this tour because it's not every day you see houses built with cargo containers.

Visit this house, built using 4 cargo containers and tell us what you think!


First stage

The containers Claudie bought cost between $2800 and $3200. It's still a lot of money but when you see the end result, it's really just peanuts!

Welding the containers

The most difficult part was to weld the containers together. To make sure the job was done well, Claudie hired specialists to take on this task.

The structure

After months of work and planning, the structure was erected! The work is far from over: you have to be patient for a project of this magnitude!

Finished exterior

Here is what the finished exterior looks like; not bad right? The house is covered with wood and metal giving it a more modern look.

The living room

The interior offers both a unique and very industrial decor. The living room has a nice big window that helps make sure you don't actually feel like you're in a box.


The wood helps give the room a little warmth and is necessary (in my opinion) for balancing the decor; not too cold but not too warm either.


The modern kitchen has everything you could need for cooking. The "solid" style sink does not seem out of place in the room but brings, to a certain extent, an interesting modern element to this decor.

Dining room

The dining room is spacious and bright with its patio door that also allows a lot of light into the container. The walls were left in their natural form, what do you think?


I like the presence of wood on the walls of the bathroom. Personally, I would have also enjoyed finding a bit more of it throughout the rest of the residence. The bathroom has a garage style door that opens onto the terrace.

Between $350 000 and $400 000!

Claudie spent between $350 000 and $400 000 Canadian dollars to build her unique home. This includes the price of land, excavation, labor and materials.

What did you think of this home? Please feel free to leave your comments about this tour!