Look what happens if you plant your tomatoes this way! It's crazy!

​Have you ever thought to plant your tomatoes horizontally instead of vertically?

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Have you ever thought to plant your tomatoes horizontally instead of vertically?

Why? By planting your tomatoes horizontally, you encourage the plants to develop roots closer to the fruits, and you give them a better access to nutrients in the soil.

Start by removing the leaves and branches based down the main stem, then dig a trench not too deep. Lay your plant and let the top of the plant outside and cover with soil.

Your plants will need less water and fertilizer to grow and reach their full potential!

There are other tips to have nice tomatoes! 


Baking soda

If your soil is acidic (think of a test!), Wait until your plants reach a diameter of at least 1 inch, then sprinkle baking soda in the soil and around the plants. Repeat this operation another time in the summer to get plenty of juicy tomatoes!



This is a little known trick but very effective: by planting your young tomato plants, add a toothpick near the central trunk. Insect larvae will not get close to your plants! 



It is important to add mulch on the ground all around your tomatoes to keep them as moist as possible. In addition, the mulch makes it possible to regulate the temperature of the ground, which is very advantageous for the tomatoes!

Before putting the mulch, wait 1 month after the planting, so that the soil has absorbed heat from the sun. First dip sheets of newspaper in water, place the soaked leaves on the ground, and then cover them with mulch. Wet newspaper will help retain soil moisture and then help disintegrate it into the soil.