Looking for ideas to keep the kids busy? Here is a unique painting activity that they will love

Take out the paint, water and water guns!

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Looking for something new to do with the kids this summer? Well, this one is a must!

Creating paintings outdoors on easels using water guns.

Kids just love to paint!

If you add a little more spice to this activity with a game they love to play, they'll be over the moon with joy!

So take advantage of the hot summer days and dress the kids in old swimsuits and let them have fun while letting their creativity go wild.

This painting activity is great for kids of all ages.

And you can keep their artworks to frame and decorate their playrooms or bedrooms!

Just help them make color choices that fit well.

What you'll need:

-Water guns, or water blasters (more powerful water guns)

-Spray bottles

-Bath toys for squirting colorful water

-Water paint or washable paint or washable liquid watercolors. These are the ideal mediums for this project


- Paper towels

-Disposable wet wipes



-White and thick paper

-Masking tape to avoid damaging the paper

-Or paper clips

How to:

1) Dilute 1 part of paint in 2 parts of water. But if you want to make pastel colors, use 1 part of paint for 4 parts of water. You will find liquid watercolor in art stores or on the web.

2) To prepare a thick paint (such as fabric paint) mix 1 cup of water and 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of paint in a plastic spray bottle. Shake the bottle until the paint mixture is completely blended.

3) Glue the papers to the easels, then place the bottles filled with colored water into the easels.


4) Help the children refill the water guns with the colored water when they are empty.


5) Paper clips are also very useful for holding paper without damaging it.


6) Drawing patterns on papers can be a very fun activity for the kids to practice their dexterity.


7) Let the works of art dry completely before handling.


8) Children will be so proud to see their works displayed every time they enter the room.


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