Major announcement concerning several McDonald's restaurants

Ouch, that doesn't give a good image to the famous fast-food chain...

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Published 9 months ago
Major announcement concerning several McDonald's restaurants
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Facing a labor shortage, some businesses do not hesitate to employ increasingly young people. However, three American McDonald's franchisees had to pay the big price with a fine after employing more than 300 minors, including children as young as 10 years old, reports Agence QMI.

The US Department of Labor has launched an investigation and targeted three franchisees who owned a total of 62 restaurants in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, and Ohio.

These restaurant owners hired children and made them work more hours than legally allowed, in addition to making them perform dangerous tasks.

"Too often, employers do not comply with the laws protecting young workers. In no case should a 10-year-old child work in a fast-food kitchen around hot plates, ovens, and fryers," said Karen Garnett-Civils, district director of the Wage and Hour Division, in a statement.

The three franchisees were hit with hefty fines totaling $212,544.

"We are seeing an increase in federal violations of child labor laws, including allowing minors to use equipment or perform types of work that put them in danger or employ them for more hours or later in the day than federal law allows," added Ms. Garnett-Civils.

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