Make An Inexpensive Portable Bed That Your Children Will Love!

It's so easy and cheap!

Tips and Crafts

Are you looking for an extra easy-to-carry bed for your children? Here's a cheap, DIY that your kids will absolutely love. No need to spend a fortune to buy a folding bed. The trick is simple: sew 4 pillowcases together!


  • 4 Pillowcases of identical size 
  • Pillow Covers 
  • Sewing Kit 


1. Find four pillowcases of identical size. 

2. Sew them together crosswise. 

3. Insert the pillows inside. 

And there you have it, you now have an easy portable bed for your children!

This bed can be used for many things: you can easily take it to friends house, it can be used to watch TV and even go camping. The advantage of this homemade bed is that it is easy to wash. Just remove the pillows and put the pillowcases directly to the washing machine!

Can we make this in adult size too? ;-)